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Last updated: Aug 23rd, 2011

The Obama Health Care Plan:

The Obama Health Care Plan (or reform, bill, or law, whatever you call it), dubbed "Obamacare" mostly by its opponents, was a massive health care package passed by US Congress in early 2010 and signed into law Mar. 30, 2010. The official title of the package is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Pros and Cons of Obama's Health Care Bill:

Rather than being uniformly for or against this reform, I have a nuanced take on it. There are aspects of the package that I think are a good idea, and aspects of it that I strongly disagree with or think are bad ideas.

Worst aspects of the bill:

Best aspects of the bill:

Moving Forward:

I would not support a complete repeal of the bill. A repeal would worsen the back-and-forth partisan fighting. In addition, my comments about big package bills also apply: while I do not like the passing of big package bills, I also do not like the repeal of big package bills. Both of these approaches avoid the tough work required to hash out each item in a big package to determine whether or not it is truly beneficial. I would support a tweaking of and simplifying of this bill.

In particular, I would remove the mandate and penalty requiring people to purchase private insurance, and instead focus on making insurance more accessible and/or providing a minimal public insurance option for people who cannot afford to buy private insurance.

I would also repeal the provisions in the law that promote the system of tying health care coverage to employment. I believe that in an ideal world, health care would not be tied to employment. I would want to instead create incentives that would move America in the direction of having no health insurance ever provided by employers, and instead having it either privately purchased or provided by the government, or some combination.

Further Reading:

Because organizations are so biased when it comes to covering this plan, I have chosen to only link to two sites, which I consider to be the most neutral on this issue:

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