Shaker Lakes Wetlands, near Sunset in album plants

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Wetlands with tall reeds and cattails, and a few small plants in the foreground, showing a brief patch of water and sky, the water reflecting clouds in a bright sky showing purplish colors of a sunset

Jul 7th, 2003, by Alex Zorach

This photo is taken from the wetlands in the Shaker Lakes, a nature preserve in Shaker Heights, Ohio, in the Cleveland metro area. This is a beautiful and rather extensive natural area in an otherwise mostly suburban area. I lived in Cleveland Heights, within about a mile walk of these lakes, for a year, my first year out of college, and I loved coming here to experience the beauty of nature.

This photo shows cattails as well as jewelweed, which is an interesting plant that can function as a natural topical anti-histamine, a surprisingly effective anti-itch remedy for poison ivy, mosquito bites, and the like.

I love this photo for the purplish colors evident in the sky, reflecting off the water.