Assorted Stone Fruit, Prunus Genus

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A ceramic plate with eight fruit, plums, apricot, peaches, and nectarine, of varying sizes, shapes, and colors, with a teal and white tablecloth in the background

Jul 14th, 2011, by Alex Zorach

This photo shows assorted stone fruit. All of the fruit pictured are in the Prunus genus, which also includes cherries (not pictured). Sometimes the term "stone fruit" also includes other fruit structured as a drupe, such as a mango. This photo was taken in summer when many of these fruit were in season. This plate is a mix of local fruit and ones imported from California. Each piece of fruit (I tried them all) was exquisite.

Starting in the lower right, we have a white donut peach. Moving counterclockwise around the outside, there is a mango nectarine, a Dapple Dandy pluot, touching a yellow donut peach (an heirloom variety that is all yellow, with no red on the exterior--I find these taste better than the red/yellow variety of donut peaches), then a yellow/green plum, a standard yellow peach, a red plum, and a black velvet apricot.