Golden Tree Pluot, Sliced

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A golden tree pluot, sliced, a plum-like fruit with yellow flesh, on a ceramic plate

Aug 2nd, 2011, by Alex Zorach

This photo shows a sliced golden tree pluot, which I purchased from the batch of golden tree pluots in an earlier photo.

On the outside, this fruit looks more plum-like than apricot-like, and I could easily mistake it for another variety of plum just by looking at it. But upon eating it, it seems more apricot-like: the flesh is firm like an apricot, but juicier like a plum. You can almost see the apricot resemblance in this photo: this fruit looks (at least to me) a little more like a sliced apricot than a sliced plum. The flavor is extremely sweet, tangy, and the aroma is intense and candy-like, but complex. Overall though, it is fairly sour.

Of all the sweeter plums and pluots I've tried recently, this one was the most different or unusual. I can't say if I like it the best or not; I'd have to eat more of them, but given that they sell for $4.99 a pound, I am probably unlikely to do so. They're good, but definitely not worth this price. (In contrast to the black velvet apricot or mango nectarine, which in my opinion, are.)