Pomegranate Pluot, Sliced

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A sliced pomegranate pluot, a plum-like fruit showing dark purple flesh, on a brown ceramic plate

Aug 3rd, 2011, by Alex Zorach

This photo shows a sliced pomegranate pluot, which I bought from the batch of pomegranate pluots pictured in an earlier photo.

This pomegranate pluot had a rich, intense purple color throughout. It had slightly firmer flesh than most plums, but jucier and softer than typical for plum-apricot hybrids. Like most plumcots, the flavor was somewhat more evenly distributed throughout the fruit rather than concentrated in the skin and near the pit the way most plums are.

Does this taste like a pomegranate? Perhaps. Perhaps also somewhat like a raspberry. The aroma is complex and multifaceted; if you look for the aroma of a particular fruit you will be more likely to find it. Close your eyes, think pomegranate, and pop a slice of this in your mouth. You might just get to enjoy that nice taste of pomegranate without all the annoying small seeds.