All Yellow Donut Peach (Heirloom Donut Peach Pie), Sliced

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A sliced donut peach, with all yellow interior and skin, on a blue and white plate

Jul 10th, 2011, by Alex Zorach

This is a sliced all yellow donut peach, which was sold under the label heirloom donut peach pie. You can also see a photo of a bunch of these yellow donut peaches before I bought this one. One thing that was interesting and somewhat surprising to me was that in spite of the very plain and somewhat pale color of the skin (less attractive looking to me than the red color of most peaches), the interior of this peach was a very intense, rich yellow color. The effect is somewhat exaggerated by the lighting of the two photographs, but the peach was still richer in color in the interior than I had expected.

This peach was absolutely delicious. The texture and flavor were both somewhat intermediate between a peach and an apricot...slightly firmer, but still soft. It was rich and sweet. I enjoyed it much more than the normal red-and-yellow variety of donut peaches, and also more than the white donut peaches.