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Small yellow cucumbers, one dark yellow, the others pale yellow, most slightly wider than pickling cucumbers but similar in size and shape

Jul 9th, 2011, by Alex Zorach

These yellow cucumbers were for sale at the Urban Girl Produce stand at the Clark Park Farmer's Market in West Philadelphia.

Normally, when cucumbers are yellow, it is a sign that they have become over-ripe, and by this time, they are seedy, mushy, and have an unpleasant sour taste, no good for eating. However, these cucumbers are from a particular variety of cucumber that is meant to be yellow. Note that none of the cucumbers have any green on them. The dark spots are where the thorns would be; on a dark green cucumber these spots are white, but they show up almost blackish on these pale cucumbers.

I purchased the cucumber in the lower right in this picture and it was delicious. You can view a photo of this yellow cucumber, sliced, to see what the interior looks like. These cucumbers are considerably more firm than even green cucumbers of the regular varieties, so there is no mistaking that they are from a different variety. Cucumbers are all relatively similar in flavor, and even the textural differences are subtle, but this one was interesting for a change of pace.