Sliced Red Fresno Pepper (Red Fresno Chile) in album food

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A sliced red fresno pepper, cut in half, showing the pepper interior, intense red color, green stem, straight conical shape, and a few seeds at the top, on a brown ceramic plate

Jul 18th, 2011, by Alex Zorach

This is a sliced red Fresno pepper, one of the peppers from the picture of red Fresno peppers (also called Fresno chiles).

Although these are "hot" peppers, their heat is almost undetectable. The heat of a pepper tends to be concentrated around the seeds and membrane, whereas the flesh itself tends to carry little heat. On this pepper, notice that the seeds and membrane are almost completely absent from the lower part of the pepper...this part of the pepper is thus completely mild, like a sweet pepper. The very top of the pepper carries a very mild kick. To give you an idea of how mild, I could eat ten of these raw without flinching...they make other milder peppers like the Poblano or Anaheim look hot by comparison.