Green Orange (Sour Orange)

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A whole green orange and sliced green orange, showing white pulp and seeds, on a plate

Oct 19th, 2011, by Alex Zorach

This photo shows a green orange, which was sold under the name of sour orange, sold for 2 for $1, at the Newark, Delaware Farmer's Market.

This fruit was shaped like an orange and had a mild orange-like aroma when sliced (although the uncut fruit had little aroma). The flavor was considerably more sour than an orange, although less sour than a lemon. Flavor-wise, it was a lot like lime but less bitter. The aroma, however, was similar to that of an orange. The flesh was light yellow, like a grapefruit. The skin was very thick, also a bit like a grapefruit. The fruit was very seedy, as this photo shows.

I used this orange's juice to make a salad dressing, mixing it with olive oil, hemp seed oil, and coriander. It was quite tasty. This fruit was interesting, although, mainly in the novelty sense...if this fruit were more widely available, I'd think it a little less interesting than limes.