Golden Delicious Apples

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Many large, yellowish-green apples with a mostly round shape

Feb 27th, 2011, by Alex Zorach

These are golden delicious apples, produce code 4020, produced in the United States. These apples were for sale at the Newark, Delaware farmer's market for 89 cents a pound. Although this is a reasonable price, and I like supporting USA-grown produce, I did not buy any as they were not in season, and also, I am not a huge fan of this particular cultivar.

The golden delicious is a variety of apple which is sweet, soft, and, in my opinion, relatively bland. I also find that it bruises easily and often has an undesirable mealy texture. Although it bears the same label "delicious", it is not closely related to the red delicious, and bears little resemblance in terms of flavor, texture, or other characteristics.