Chickory Flowers, Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia

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Chickory flowers, pale blue daisy-like flowers with a darker blue center, in a weedy meadow with a few other flowers around the edge

Jun 10th, 2011, by Alex Zorach

These chickory flowers were blooming in a small part of Woodlands cemetery in Philadelphia, which has been allowed to grow up into a wild meadow-like area, to support a local apiary that makes honey. There are numerous wildflowers in this small patch, which also attracts many birds. I also took a photo of a broader view of the meadow-like area in which these flowers were growing.

I find chickory to be very beautiful; it has a surprisingly large blossom, and its color is relatively uncommon in plants, although very natural-looking as it resembles the sky. Chickory frequently grows wild in disturbed areas, and you can find it in vacant lots and around industrial areas in cities, where it imparts some natural beauty to areas not usually considered beautiful.

Chickory root can be used as a (caffeine-free) coffee substitute. I find it has a creamy flavor, much smoother than coffee.