Assorted Hot Peppers: Cayenne, Bulgarian Carrot, Hungarian Wax, Jalapeno in album food

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Assorted hot peppers in a bowl,showing long, narrow red peppers, small, shiny green, pale yellow-green, and small carrot-colored ones

Aug 6th, 2011, by Alex Zorach

This bowl of assorted hot peppers showcases many (but not all) of the varieties of hot pepper sold by Urban Girls Produce at the Clark Park Farmer's Market in West Philadelphia. These peppers were 25 cents each...these peppers are exceptionally fresh and flavorful and are well worth this price.

This photo shows unripe Hungarian wax peppers (the large, yellow-green ones), ripe cayenne peppers (the long, crinkly bright red ones), Bulgarian carrot peppers (the carrot-orange peppers), Jalapenos (the shiny medium-green ones), and some other variety of red hot pepper that I am not familiar with.

Outside of the unfamiliar ones, I use all of these regularly in my cooking, sometimes in quantity.