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Squidoo: A Review:

Rating: Happy FaceHappy FaceHappy FaceNo Happy FaceNo Happy Face (3/5), previously 4/5

This page has become largely obsolete, due to Squidoo's closure. I recommend reading The Rise and Fall of Squidoo if you are interested in the site's history and lessons I took from my experience there.

Squidoo was a self-publishing website that had a very different format from most other websites that allow self-publishing. Highly flexible in features and format, and providing numerous opportunities for direct income-earning on the site, Squidoo has the potential to appeal to casual users, to side-income-earners, to marketers looking for a free platform on which to promote their businesses.

Squidoo has since closed or shut down, merging its pages into HubPages.

Before Squidoo closed, I had updated this review because of changes in Squidoo's policies that I found made it highly frustrating to work with as a publisher. I downgraded my rating from 4 to 3 out of 5. Perhaps I saw Squidoo's demise coming.

My Experience with Squidoo:

I maintain quite a few pages on Squidoo; my profile is no longer on the site. I've begun moving my pages over to Wizzley, a squidoo clone or competitor which I think has a superior interface as well as an administrative team that is more on top of things. You can find some of my old Squidoo pages from my Wizzley profile. Early on, my experience with the site was generally good. In particular:

Downsides of Squidoo:

What would make it 4 stars?

I think that Squidoo would be back to a 4 star site (and I would start publishing new works on it again) if they would make two changes:

What would make it 5 stars?

Squidoo is a very good site, and it is in that zone where it would be tricky to improve it substantially. But I feel it is not quite yet at the 5-star zone. Here are some thoughts of what could place it there:

A Sampling of My Old on Squidoo:

If you want to check out some of these pages, this highlights the pages I had published on Squidoo; I'm moving them over to Wizzley but the work is not finished yet:

Alternatives to Squidoo

My preferred alternative to Squidoo is Wizzley; for an in-depth coverage you can read my article on Wizzley: A Review and Comparison to Squidoo and HubPages, in which I explain why I prefer Wizzley to both of these two other sites.

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