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Last updated: Oct 22nd, 2011


A ceramic plate with eight fruit, plums, apricot, peaches, and nectarine, of varying sizes, shapes, and colors, with a teal and white tablecloth in the background
Diversity, eating different foods, is a key aspect of diet; this includes eating different types and varieties of fruit, for example.

Diet is very important. However, it is also important to not think too hard about your diet. In the spirit of the slow food movement, I think it is better to think about food as something to be enjoyed and savored, than to think about diet in a mechanical, medical, or scientific fashion. My recommendations about diet are as follows:

A bowl with a colorful salad containing numerous finely-chopped things
Foods that are naturally colorful are often healthy.

In my opinion, how you eat is just as important as what you eat.

Healthy cooking:

A bin of smelts, very small silvery-grey fish with heads removed and yellow-colored tail fins which are cut short
Small, fatty fish like these smelt are some of the healthiest and most sustainable foods.

Healthy cooking is a big topic that, like diet, can go terribly wrong when people focus on the numbers or specific health properties of individual foods. I think a better guide to healthy cooking is to embrace a few general principles:

Proper diet can prevent or treat many medical conditions:

Depression, anxiety, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes are some of the most common disorders that can be prevented, treated, or managed by proper diet. Different disorders and conditions tend to have slightly different needs, but in general, an all-around good diet will tend to be good for treating or preventing a wide variety of conditions.

Keep in mind that when treating medical conditions, diet can be part of a holistic treatment, and does not need to be the only treatment or solution. For example, exercise and stress reduction can help to treat or prevent all of these conditions as well. And if you or another is going through counseling to treat depression or anxiety, diet and exercise can be used together to tackle your problems from multiple angles.

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