Root Vegetable Salad: Potatos, Carrots, Radish

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A bowl with a colorful salad containing numerous finely-chopped things

Jul 4th, 2011, by Alex Zorach

I made this root vegetable salad on the fourth of July. I initially got the idea of making a potato salad out of red, white, and blue potatos. However, as the white potatos looked more yellow, and the blue potatos looked more purple, I quickly gave up on the idea and decided to make a more general root vegetable salad, also including many different colors of carrot, and sliced radish. The ingredients are:

Of these ingredients, all but the lime, olive oil, coriander, and possibly the purple potatos were locally-grown (nearby in PA or NJ).

I think I'm not missing anything. There is no exact recipe; I made this salad in part to use up things in whatever quantities I had them. I'll probably never make the exact same salad again, but perhaps it can serve as an inspirational starting point for other recipes.

It was very good, and incidentally, it even makes an okay dip for corn chips.