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The Official Flag

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The official flag.

The flag consists of a seven pointed star colored red, blue, and green, with an exclamation point in its center, against a light gray background. The star is constructed by connecting the vertices of a regular heptagon while skipping every other vertex. Coloration of the flag is chosen so that the colors appearing twice are separated by two or three other colors, and the color that appears three times is separated by one or two other colors, and does not appear in the exclamation mark.

There are 84 distinct valid configurations of the flag. This is since there are 3 choices of which color to use three times, and for each of these, two choices of the exclamation mark color, two distinct ways to configure the remaining color around the star, and seven distinct rotations of the star. Multiplying these together yields 84.

What are the colors and what do they represent?

Since is a website, the colors of the flag are defined as HTML colors. Each color represents different aspects of the universe and the human experience.

Color:Red: Green: Blue: Gray:
This is not white!
Represents:Creativity and Art
Pain & Suffering
Sacrifice & Martyrdom
Plants & Nature
Science & Technology
Human Edifices
The Universe

Flying the flag:

Flying the flag is a strong political, religious, and business statement. When you fly the flag, it does not mean that you agree with everything written on, but it does show that you strongly value the integrated approach that takes. Flying the flag is a statement of support for breaking down the boundaries between religion and science, and bringing people from different walks of life together to share their knowledge and experience.

Respecting the flag:

Unlike the American flag, the flag does not need to be protected from being soiled or destroyed. The flag should be flown whenever and wherever you want and it is irrelevant if it is torn, burned, or otherwise damaged. In fact, burning the flag is actually encouraged. Flying a burning flag is a symbol that you are burning with passion for the philosophy and approach of However, it is of utmost importance that only one of the 84 correct configurations of the flag is used. To, an invalid configuration is as rude and offensive as burning or defacing a flag is to an American.

Can I purchase a flag?

Regrettably, does not offer flags for sale as of this date. This option is definitely on our list of things to do in the future. You should feel free, however, to produce and fly your own flag. If you do so, make sure you read over this page very carefully both so that you produce a valid and correct configuration, and also so that you understand what it means to fly the flag.

Is this the personal flag of Alex Zorach?

No. Although Alex Zorach runs, and is the personal website of Alex Zorach, the flag is the official flag of, not a personal flag of the maintainer.

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