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Last updated: Mar 26th, 2017

The Cazort.net Political Platform

This political platform is intended to serve as an example political platform that can be used as a starting point for social change and activism. The goal of the platform is to build consensus by making a simple, common-sense platform that people of many different backgrounds (liberal, conservative, libertarian, socialist, environmentalist, strict constitutionalists, etc.) can agree on. Although much of this platform is common-sense and consists of views that most people support, these issues and stances are often lost in the back-and-forth of partisan politics.

Please take some time to read and reflect on these issues, please comment if you think this platform could be improved, and please share with others if you like what you find here.

How to implement our platform?

We believe that the ends do not justify the means:

We believe in maintaining the utmost integrity in our political rhetoric, refraining from exaggeration, and engaging in issues rather than making personal attacks.

We support the advancement of our political platform only through consensus building and voting on individual issues, and not through political trades or compromise. In the context of voting and the creation of bills, this translates to supporting only small, separate bills which are as simple and minimal as possible and which can be voted on in such a way that is more likely to reflect the consensus of the population. We thus will vote down any bill that contains unnecessarily-packaged components, out of principle. If all components advance our political platform, we will weigh the benefits of advancing these interests with the downside of supporting a political process we oppose out of principle.

Specific Stances on the Issues:

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