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Large, light yellow onions in a bin, with most onions having a visible flat shape, a sign reading: sweet onion, 59 cents -lb-

Feb 27th, 2011, by Alex Zorach

These sweet onions were for sale at the Newark, Delaware farmer's market for 59 cents a pound. There are many types of sweet onions; this particular variety had a light yellow color, was quite large, and a flattened shape. The individual rings or layers of the onions were also quite thick.

I generally do not buy sweet onions, because I tend to use onions mainly for cooking, and sweet onions tend to be bland, or even insipid when cooked. Their main use is when including them raw, such as adding them sliced or diced in a sandwich or salads, or including them as an ingredient in salsa (although I typically prefer to include a smaller quantity of a stronger variety of onion).