Novus Tea: Dragon Well Green Tea - Cup and Tea Bag

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A white tea cup with golden-colored tea, on a saucer with a pyramid tea bag and spoon, on a marble surface

Jun 22nd, 2011, by Alex Zorach

This is a photo of a cup of Novus Tea's Dragon Well Green Tea, served in Cafe Clave in Philadelphia. Novus Tea is a brand or subsidiary tea company owned by the more well-known Bigelow Tea; Novus markets premium teas. This tea was surprisingly good.

I find this photo to be somewhat interesting, as the inherently rich, complex texture of the marble table contrasts with the very plain, simple nature of this small cup. The cup was meant for coffee, not tea, but I chose to have my tea in this cup because I absolutely prefer drinking out of a ceramic mug to drinking from a disposable paper cup.