A Mat of Nimblewill Grass, Growing Near a Street

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A dense mat of blue-green grass

Aug 10th, 2013, by Alex Zorach

This photo shows a dense mat of nimblewill, a type of grass that likes moist, shady areas and can tolerate poor soil. This mat of grass is growing in a street in West Philadelphia, right under a relatively small street tree.

The street itself is shaded by 4-story buildings and large trees, and this was on the darker, south (north-facing) side of the street near a tall building, creating ideal growing conditions for this grass.

Although this grass species is sometimes considered a weed, primarily because it turns brown during winter, creating brown patches in lawns, I rather like it. It is native to North America, and it does not grow very tall, minimizing the need for mowing. Its seeds are also eaten by birds.