Seminar Room in Ewing Hall, University of Delaware

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A seminar room at a university, showing a rectangular table with some chairs, and chairs around the edge of the room, a projector screen, and a painting of an older man

Sep 8th, 2006, by Alex Zorach

This photo shows a seminar room in Ewing Hall on the University of Delaware's campus. The university's mathematics department is housed in Ewing hall, and when I was a graduate student in the math department, I spent a lot of time in this room. This was a special seminar room, generally not used for classes, but instead, left for weekly seminars where guest speakers would come and/or professors or students would present their research work.

I'm not a huge fan of this room. Although it was functional, it is not the most inviting room. The building as a whole is also not the most inviting building. The windows have since been upgraded, and look more modern and attractive, but no longer open. The building has always had a bit of a problem with heating, cooling, and lighting...with big windows and a poorly-designed heating system that lacks individual thermostats in each room, many rooms are too hot while others are too cold. I recall that this room tended to be too cold year-round.

Shown here are my backpack and a cup of tea that I have brewed while I am preparing for a seminar to start in a little while.

In this room I learned many subjects that are covered on my page of math book reviews. Particularly, the most relevant reviews would be in the subjects of combinatorics and topology, as I frequently attended seminars on both of these subjects in this room.