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Math Book Reviews:

This page highlights my reviews of math books. These reviews were originally published on Squidoo, a self-publishing website that I found very flexible and powerful. Squidoo closed some time in 2014, and merged into HubPages, a site I have a strong dislike for.

I am currently in the process of republishing these books on Wizzley, a Squidoo clone that I think is much better-managed and more professional-looking. Not all pages are up; as I restore them, I'll add them to the links below.

If you're curious about me because you want to know whether or not you can trust my reviews, I have a lot of background in math: I have a B.A. from Oberlin College in Pure Math (2002), an M.S. from University of Delaware in Applied Math (2007) and an M.A. from Yale in Statistics (2008). I have experience teaching freshmen-level calculus, and have tutored all levels of math from second grade to graduate students. I also have worked in operations research, statistical consulting, retail pricing, and web analytics.

I love both pure and applied mathematics, and I am passionate about both learning and teaching. I love reading math books, but I am also picky about which ones I like--and I prefer ones that give rich, engaging commentary and make the subject fun and accessible.

More general interest math subjects:

More Abstract Subjects:

I would encourage you to visit these pages and leave comments on the specific pages with the reviews, but you can leave general comments here on this page as well.

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