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Green Anaheim peppers, relatively large, fairly long, slightly wrinkly, light-ish green

Feb 27th, 2011, by Alex Zorach

These Anaheim peppers were for sale at the Newark, Delaware Farmer's Market. I was rather excited to find them, as they tend to be relatively hard to buy outside the southwest. Anaheim peppers originated in New Mexico and are also called New Mexico peppers. They are also called the California chili, owing to their popularity in parts of California.

These peppers have a low amount of heat, although it is somewhat variable. They are usually considerably milder than a Jalapeno, often slightly hotter than a Poblano, but sometimes milder depending on the individual peppers. Rarely you will obtain one that is significantly hotter.

Their flavor and aroma is distinctive; the overall flavor is mellow; I find the flavor comes out best when they are cooked. Raw, these peppers taste a little bland, like a hot version of the Cubanelle. However, I find the hot (seedy) end of the pepper, thinly sliced, can make an outstanding addition to certain soups, thrown in raw right as the soup is served.

Note the one ripening fruit at the bottom of the picture.