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Last updated: Mar 26th, 2014

Are there any unbiased news sources?

No! All news sources are biased. An unbiased perspective is an unattainable ideal; however, it can be approached through critical thinking and careful research. Wikipedia's Policy on Neutral Point of View gives some key insights about how to approach a truly neutral or unbiased perspective.

The key idea is to expose yourself to different perspectives. However, rather than overwhelming yourself with a large quantity of different sources, many of which are low-quality, highly biased, and/or just regurgitating the same stories, I find it more fruitful to focus on a few publications with a strong track record of editorial integrity and offering unique perspectives.

Know the potential bias of each source going in.

Cazort.net Recommended News Sources

Other Interesting but More Biased Outlets

Non-news Sources that can be Helpful:

Is this list biased?

Yes! However, I try to be transparent about my biases. For more information on my values, and where I am coming from, you can visit my political platform or read about my views on religion.

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