Leaves of Taiwan Alishan Oolong Tea from TeaVivre, After Brewing

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Large, intact leaves of oolong tea, attached to stems and showing lightly serrated edges

Oct 16th, 2013, by Alex Zorach

This photo shows the wet leaves, after brewing, of Superfine Taiwan Ali Shan Oolong Tea sold by TeaVivre. I thought this tea had beautiful leaves--look at how they are completely intact. I like how you can see the whole of the plant parts--leaves, buds, and attached stem. This is a far cry from the broken-leaf teas that populate most tea bags.

I thought this was a decent tea, but it was my least favorite of the oolongs I received from TeaVivre. You can read my review on RateTea. I found it weaker in flavor, and also it had a soapy quality to the aroma that I found mildly objectionable. It was still perfectly drinkable and enjoyable, but I have had Alishan oolong for a lower price that I enjoyed more, like Tradition's A-Li-Son oolong. By comparison, the other samples I received from TeaVivre have been excellent--if not unparallelled in quality.