Summer Tanager, Alverthorpe Park, Jenkintown, PA

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A bright red bird perched on a bare branch atop a broken dead tree in a forest

May 8th, 2014, by Alex Zorach

This photo shows a summer tanager in Alverthorpe Park in Abington Township, PA. The bird was in a rather open chunk of woods and spend most of its time perched at mid-height in an exposed area. I watched it extensively and was able to get a few identifiable photographs with my pocket camera.

Note that this bird is all-red; it does not have any black on the wings the way the closely-related scarlet tanager does.

I also posted a second photo of this bird, not as good a photo of the bird itself, but which I think does a better job of showing the habitat in which the bird was located.

This park is not accessible to the general public; it is accessible only to residents of Abington Township. I am not an Abington resident but I had special permission to survey this park on the day I observed this bird.