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Whole, large, purple potatos, with one small red potato mixed in

Jun 26th, 2011, by Alex Zorach

These purple potatos were for sale at Iovine's Produce Corner in the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. One red potato was present in the bin, and I left it for a color comparison. I bought one of these potatos out of curiosity: they were quite expensive though, I do not recall the price for sure but I think it was $2.99 a pound, which is a lot for potatos that are not certified organic or pesticide-free.

I have seen "blue potatos" before, which are actually more of a very deep bluish-purple color. They potatos looked similar on the outside, but were larger; the blue potatos I have had before, I am pretty sure were from a different variety: they were more narrow and tubular in shape, and their flesh had a much more intensely blue/purple interior.

These potatos had a lightly purple interior, with some yellowish / white flesh visible, but flecked with plenty of purplish color. However, they did not have the intense, solid purple interior of the blue potatos that I have had in the past.

These potatos were fairly typical. Whereas the blue potatos had a strong flavor, I actually found that these potatos were slightly milder in flavor than the red and yellow potatos I also cooked them together with.