Loose-leaf Tea, Moon Swirl White Tip from Imperial Tea Garden

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Loose-leaf green tea with tightly rolled shapes, somewhat spindly-looking, and golden and silvery green in color

Dec 5th, 2011, by Alex Zorach

This photo shows Moon Swirl White Tip from Imperial Tea Garden, a loose-leaf green tea that is tightly rolled into these interesting shapes with a patchwork of silvery-green and golden-green colors. Upon brewing, these leaves unfurl into small, light green leaves that are more typical for a Chinese green tea.

This tea was somewhat unusual in that it was produced in Hunan Province of China. Hunan province does produce some tea commercially, including artisan teas like this one, but it is not nearly as well-known as a number of other Chinese provinces. This was my first tea from this province and I found it very interesting to try.