Great Egret, Delaware Technology Park

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A great egret, large white heron-like bird with a yellow bill and long, gray legs, walking on a muddy island in a small pond, with a dead tree on the right and reeds along the pond's edge in the background

Aug 12th, 2006, by Alex Zorach

This photo shows a great egret, Ardea alba, walking along a muddy island in a small pond. This pond is a drainage pond located in the Delaware Technology Park, located in Newark, Delaware. This pond is the eastern of two drainage ponds in the technology park, and is located just west of Marrows Road, behind Building 4.

This photo illustrates how human construction can create valuable habitat for wildlife. The drainage ponds such as this one are primarily constructed in response to the city of Newark's zoning and building codes, which require that any modifications to property within the city limits do not result in an increase in water runoff from the property. However, these drainage ponds not only prevent runoff and flooding and help keep the city from needing to expand their storm sewer system, but they also provide ecological value as well.

Since this photo was taken, someone has placed a mesh of thin wires over this pond. I am not sure exactly what this mesh is for, but I suspect that it is a deterrent to the population of Canada Geese that often congregate in this pond. I do not like the idea of this mesh as it also disrupts the habitat for this egret and other birds that may use the area.