Fallen Tree on My Apartment, Newark, DE in album home

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A one-story brick building showing a large tree branch fallen onto the apartment, blocking the front door

Apr 17th, 2011, by Alex Zorach

This photo shows a large tree branch that fell on my apartment in Newark, Delaware, towards the end of the time where I was living there. The black line extending from the top of the photo is not a wire but rather, another branch, so this situation is a lot safer than it looks. I found this occurrence to be somewhat ironic, and perhaps not a coincidence. During the weeks leading up to this incident, I had been reading about the serious tornados in the south and midwest, and I had been feeling very grateful that I did not live in an area prone to tornados and severe storms. Then this happened!

Fortunately, there was no serious damage. The roof was mostly intact and although there were some minor leaks and damage to the gutter, the inside of my apartment stayed dry (even during the severe downpour that occurred after this tree fell). The largest inconvenience to me was that the tree fell in the middle of the night, when it was quite dark, and blocked the front door. Fortunately, my apartment also has a back door. This photo shows the branch after I have already cleared away some of the smaller branches that obstructed the entrance.