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A basket of striped bush zucchini, dark green with light green stripes, with some onions on the left and yellow squash on the right and behind

Jul 14th, 2011, by Alex Zorach

This basket of striped bush zucchini was for sale at a stand in the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia for $2.49 a pound. It was marked as an "heirloom" variety.

The term bush zucchini refers to any variety of zucchini (usually any green-colored summer squash) which has an upright growth habit, contrasting with the vining form that is typical of zucchini or other squash. There are many different varieties of bush zucchini, and this is one of the more well-known ones. I have never eaten it, so I don't know much about how it tastes or compares to other types of zucchini or squash.