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A carrot-colored chili pepper, with dry green stem, smooth, straight, about three quarter-lengths long, with a quarter for comparison, on a light wooden-colored surface

Jul 29th, 2011, by Alex Zorach

This photo shows a Bulgarian carrot pepper that I purchased from the Urban Girls produce stand at the Clark Park Farmer's Market in West Philadelphia. A quarter is included for size.

The Bulgarian carrot pepper, also called the Bulgarian carrot chili, is an intensely hot pepper. I haven't tried enough of them to say much about variability, but this one was hotter than a Serrano or Cayenne, coming up only slightly milder than a Thai Chili. This was an exceptionally hot pepper.

Flavor-wise it was quite unique, not really anything like any of the other peppers, green or ripe, in its heat class. The flavor is surprisingly carrot-like, which is interesting given the carrot-like appearance of this pepper, with both its color and shape. If you like the hottest peppers and want to try something with a very different flavor and aroma, I would recommend trying one of these Bulgarian carrot peppers.