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University of Delaware:

The University of Delaware is a semi-public university located in Newark, Delaware. It is referred to usually as UD and rarely as UDel. I attended the University of Delaware for two years as a graduate student in the Mathematics department and graduated with a Master's of Science in Applied Mathematics in 2007. I also lived in Newark for 2 years during 2009 to 2011, where I had further exposure to UD.

You can find lots of facts about UD on University of Delaware's Wikipedia Page, and the Official University of Delaware website. I created this page to present some opinions and more subjective material to give people a different view of UD.

Some Thoughts & Observations About UD

How I'd like to see UD improved

UD is a good university all around and I think it's doing a lot of things really well. Nevertheless, I think the university has a few weak points, and I think there are several ways that I would like to see UD improve:

How would I implement such improvements?

If I were in charge at UD, I would make the following changes in order to address the problems above:

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