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Last updated: Jul 22nd, 2011

Mug of black tea, with Wissotzky Tea Classic tea bag and wrapper on plate next to mug
The Tea Party Movement has nothing to do with tea.

The Tea Party Movement:

The tea party movement is a political movement in the United States. A lot of people are not clear exactly what the movement is, or what it stands for. In general, the movement seems to be associated with some combination of libertarian views, mainstream American conservative views, and a strict constitutionalist approach.

The "Tea Party Movement" is not a single, unified movement:

There is no single organization that represents the entirety of the tea party movement. Rather, the movement consists of many different activities, some of which are organized under various organizations bearing the "tea party" name, but others are not.

Based on my research, I think that the tea party patriots and the national tea party federation seem to be the best groups in terms of the consistency and constructiveness of their values and platform.

My take on the tea party movement:

An American flag, flying behind a chain-linked fence with barbed wire, and light clouds against a blue sky
American Flag, Barbed Wire

Most of my friends and family lean more to the liberal side, and many of these people are quick to dismiss the tea party movement in negative, judgmental terms, levying accusations of racism, xenophobia, and general closed-mindedness. However, I take a more balanced view of the tea party movement. Among organizations that bear the "tea party" name, I think it is important to distinguish between the ones that have promoted extremist or racist views, those that are funnelling money into mainstream political establishments or using the money for their own profit, and those that are actually sticking to the true ideals that the movement supposedly stands for.

In terms of the actual values and political platform, I do not agree with everything that the movement advocates, but I support many of the things that the movement advocates for, and I am not going to judge individual members as to their motivations as I do not think this is a constructive approach in politics.

Generally-recognized goals of the tea party movement that I support include:

I would go even farther than the tea party movement, and advocate for a complete abolishment of, first, the payroll tax and then if possible, the income tax and sales taxes as well. I would replace these with a variety of other, fundamentally different taxes. For my complete views on taxes, check out the page on taxes.

Points on which I differ from the goals of the tea party movement:

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