Last updated: Mar 26th, 2014

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation is a large corporation, a major name in software. Based on my experience as an informational technology consultant, having worked closely with many Microsoft products, I came to consider Microsoft to be a monopoly or near-monopoly that engages in anti-competetive practices in order to shut out competitors who often have superior products.

I recognize that Microsoft has contributed valuable time and money into research and development of new products, and in some cases, Microsoft's products are far superior to their competitors (i.e. with Microsoft Access, one product I absolutely love), but in many cases, other companies have developed equal or superior products and have ended up with a disproportionately small chunk of profits due to Microsoft's way of doing business. In spite of what courts have decided, I believe that Microsoft's behaviour is often unethical and sometimes illegal.

How does Microsoft abuse its monopoly position?

What can one do about this?

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