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Last updated: Feb 8th, 2013

Human Rights:

Cazort.net initially had a list of inalienable human rights as part of its political platform, but has moved away from this way of presenting rights, in part because of influence from the evolving position of Why This Way on the topic of rights.

Instead of presenting our proposed list of rights as a universal or innate list, we acknowledge that there are different ways of thinking about rights. We have designed our list of desired legal rights in such a way that intends to minimize coercion. Our rights are not intended to be strictly individual; some of them apply more to communities.

History of this list:

Cazort.net's list of rights was originally inspired by the United Nations's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our list was originally intended to be more universal than the UN's list. The UN's list relies on certain assumptions about the structure of society, and we believe that its list of rights does not adequately address every concern that it is intended to address. As humans do not live in isolation, we also believe that some rights can only be adequately expressed as "community" rights.

Individual Rights:

We support a rights framework in which there are certain rights that cannot be given up voluntarily, such as by signing a contract or legal agreement. However, each right exists only to the extent that one is not infringing upon the rights of others. For example, if one commits violence against others, one could be incarcerated and thus lose the right to freely move about in society in order to protect others against violence, but as a prisoner, one would still have a right for food and shelter as well as protection from violence and harassment.

When Rights are Violated:

Violation of the rights of another is the basis of a criminal act, and can result in a restriction of your rights to the extent of protecting the rights of others.

Community Rights:

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