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Last updated: Feb 22nd, 2012

Large Duck Political Logo, Surrounded by Smaller Elephant and Donkey Logos
The Cazort.net duck political logo, with the Republican party's Elephant logo and the Democratic party's Donkey logo for contrast.

The Cazort.net Duck

Official Political Logo

Cazort.net has an official political logo - a duck, in the style of the familiar Democratic (donkey) and Republican (elephant) party logos from American politics. The Democrat's donkey logo faces due left, and the Republican's elephant logo faces due right, symbolizing the left and right of American politics.

In the spirit of these logos, the symbolism of the duck logo is as follows:

If you like the symbolism of this duck, please visit our official political platform, and consider lending us your support through following and liking us on facebook and twitter, and through sharing and linking to pages on our site.

This logo was designed by Sylvia Odhner.

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