Chun Mee (Organic)

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From Upton Tea

This is an above-average pan-fried Chinese green tea with a particular character to it. It is mellow and subdued. It has a certain coolness to the aroma, without being crisp. There's a little smokiness in the aftertaste but not much in the initial aroma. This tea is not very bitter at all, and is quite smooth. I prefer the similar Chun Mee Dao Ming, which is more bitter and much more complex, but I think this is a very good tea. It is also very inexpensive, even though it is organic!

Be careful brewing this one: this tea is particularly susceptible to scalding if the water is too hot, and it will yield an undrinkable cup, with a strong acidity, and an unpleasant aroma. Brewing at low temperatures yields a smooth tea with much less acidity and the characteristic cool quality to the aroma. This tea can be used for multiple infusions, although only two, and the second cup is noticeably weaker. I have found the similar Chun Mee Dao Ming holds up much better for multiple infusions.

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