China Sechung Oolong

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From Phoenix Coffee

This is a whole-leaf Oolong that is on the greener side. Typical for this style, the dried leaves are tighly-rolled and unfurl a great deal upon brewing. This is not the best Sechung I have had--Upton's holds that role. But this tea is much cheaper than theirs, and theirs is already very reasonably priced. Comparing the two is also like comparing apples to oranges; this is a much sharper-tasting tea.

This tea brews a clear, golden-green color. The aroma is peppery and sharp, with hints of woodiness. The flavor is tangy with a bit of bitterness. There's a little bit of astringency in the aftertaste. Unusually bold flavor and aroma for a greener Oolong...people who like oolongs but tend to find greener ones too weak will enjoy this one.

I recommend washing the leaves (10 sec. infusion in hot water) before brewing this one. Doing so takes a bit of the edge off the flavor. Phoenix recommends brewing 7 minutes with 207 degree water. While these directions work great, I have found that this tea is not particularly difficult to brew well. This tea does, however, tend to need longer infusion times. If you infuse for only 3 minutes, the tea is very light and clear, and a bit weak.

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