Tropical Goji Green Tea

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From Two Leaves and a Bud

This is Japanese sencha green tea with added Goji berries and "tropical flavors", whatever that means.

This tea is mild, fruity, and slightly vegetal. The flavor is sweet and very slightly sour. There's a tiny bit of complexity in the lingering aftertaste but overall this tea's aroma is simple and flat. Much smoother than you'd expect for a sencha; in fact, I can hardly tell that the base of this tea is a sencha...there are none of the characteristic tones in the aroma that I expect from that style.

I used one teabag for 16 ounces of water, brewing 3 minutes with water well below boiling. While these instructions worked very well for other teas from this same company, this tea came out too thin, although drinkable.

This tea is ok, not great, but like most of Two Leaves and a Bud's offerings, it is extremely expensive. Especially given that one teabag doesn't go as far as other similar teas from the same company, I think this one offers extremely poor value for your money.

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