Jasmine Petal

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From Two Leaves and a Bud

This is described as a "classic" Chinese jasmine green tea. It is supposedly the same tea in teabags or loose, but I've only tried the teabag tea. The leaves are broken and fairly greenish with a slight olive tint--much greener than typical for jasmine teas I've seen.

The aroma is very typical for a Jasmine tea. Good, but typical almost to the point of being nondescript.

I would recommend brewing this tea with water well below boiling point; jasmine tea tends to scald easily and taste quite unpleasant if brewed too hot. I found the teabag to be suited to brewing with 16-oz of water: using less water, the tea will be very strong. Also, do not brew for more than 3 minutes (and you can get away with less) or it will be much too bitter and astringent.

Bottom line? A good jasmine tea...but I am not seeing the quality or complexity to justify the price tag.


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