Formosa Amber Oolong Select (TT57)

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From Upton Tea

The dry leaves of this Oolong tea have an appearance and aroma similar to the basic Amber Oolong from Upton, but the aroma is overall slightly weaker, and there is less of the initially unpleasant tone in the aroma of the dry leaves.

When brewed? Wow. The complexity of the aroma of this tea jumps out in your face. This tea has a very rich aroma...hard to describe. Bold, earthy, with some nutty and woody tones, and some sharpness in the aroma and a floral quality as well. Of all the teas I've tried from Upton, this is the one which seems to deviate the most from its lower-grade counterpart--this hardly resembles the basic Amber Oolong. The flavor is smooth, but with some very pleasant bitterness; this tea is very full-bodied and astonishingly rich. It actually seems more bitter than the lower grade--but in a way that I enjoy very much.

Upton recommends using 1+ teaspoon per cup, 190 degree water, and 3-4 minutes. I find you can easily get away with using significantly less than one teaspoon of leaves, and brewing for a shorter period. Most people might actually prefer using fewer leaves and shorter brewing time, as this is a powerful tea. It is good for multiple infusions, whether you brew a long time or not. I prefer making two cups, but if you use 1+ teaspoons/cup as recommended, and brew a shorter period of time, you can make two very flavorful cups and a third fairly flavorful one.

This might possibly be my favorite tea from Upton yet. It's not cheap, but I think it offers outstanding value, especially given the richness of flavor and complexity of the aroma you are able to get from so few leaves!

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