Tindharia Oolong (TDC2)

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From Upton Tea

This is a Darjeeling Oolong. The dry leaves are long and wiry, have a fuzzy appearance, and diverse in color, ranging from golden brown to olive green. When brewed, the leaves expand somewhat but remain a bit curled, and have a diversity of color ranging from reddish browns to olive green. The dry leaves have an aroma a lot more like a Darjeeling black or green tea, than like any Chinese or Taiwanese Oolongs.

The brewed tea was a deep orangeish color and the tea is very clear. Aroma is not particularly strong, is mostly of asparagus. Some bitterness and a tanginess, but overall, weak in body and quite thin. More bitter than Tindharia's Green Oolong, and I do like this tea a bit more, but overall the two teas are quite similar and both disappoint me.

I brewed this one as instructed, using two teaspoons of leaves per cup, and brewing for 3-4 minutes at 190 degrees.

Bottom line? I would not recommend this tea. It is very expensive, and frankly, not very good.


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