Chun Mee Dao Ming (Organic) - ZG42

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From Upton Tea

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This is an outstanding green tea at a very reasonable price, and it's organic to boot! It is unusually strong, bitter, and complex for a green tea. It fits into the category of "almost too good to be true", and is certainly one of my favorites.

The tea is a rich golden color. The aroma is highly complex and hard to describe: it is both strong and subtle and there's a lot in there. There are some grassy tones, some nutty tones, a tiny hint of smokiness, and some other aspects of the aroma that defy words. I love it! This tea is quite bitter, which I like. At the same time there are some mellow qualities that balance the bitterness.

This is one of those teas that I can drink every day without getting tired of. It holds up well to being brewed both more strongly and more weakly. Using fewer leaves, you get a more mellow aroma and less bitterness but it still is subtle. Using more, it's stronger and more bitter but somehow is never overpowering the way many black teas are if brewed too strongly. Make sure to brew it at a lower temperature though: this tea scalds easily if the water is too hot, and the result is sour and astringent and absolutely undrinkable. Lastly, I want to note that these leaves hold up very well to making multiple batches. With a teaspoon of this tea, I can usually get two very tasty cups and a third, fairly good one; sometimes I even like the second cup best.

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