Tung Ting Oolong (Tea bags)

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From Ten Ren Tea

This teabag tea appears to be made out of fannings from the normally quite expensive Tung Ting (Jade) Oolong from Taiwan.

This tea brews a rich amber color and has a mellow, warm aroma, suggestive of honey, with some mild vegetal tones. There is little bitterness and absolutely no sourness or astrigency, but this tea still has a rather rich quality to it. Subtle, but not terribly complex. I think this tea pales in comparison to loose Tung Ting Oolongs I've tried, and loose Oolongs in general.

Still, this is pretty outstanding as teabag teas go. At 50 teabags for under $10, this tea is dirt cheap. One teabag can easily make 2-3 cups, depending on your desired brewing strength, or you can use a single cup and make multiple short infusions, or a single long one if you desire a stronger, bolder tea. Either way, the cost-per-cup is well under 20 cents.

Like some of the better Oolongs, this tea gives you a nice mellow feeling after drinking it.


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