White Tea (Tea bags)

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From Ten Ren Tea

This is a very inexpensive white tea in teabags. The leaves appear to be fannings (very fine pieces of leaves) and no information is given about the style or origin of this tea.

This tea brews a very dark brown color. It has a rich, earthy aroma with a hint of sweetness. I actually enjoy this more than some loose white teas I've tried: very robust.

This one is perfectly tasty if brewed for only a few minutes, or if left to brew much longer. If you brew it for a shorter time you can easily make multiple infusions from a single teabag. I would recommend using more than one cup of water for a teabag--otherwise it may even be a bit too strong.

Bottom line? I rather enjoyed this white tea. It's good, cheap, robust, and convenient for those times when it's too inconvenient to make loose tea.

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