Fair Trade Organic Green Tea

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From Equal Exchange

This is a green Darjeeling tea. Like many of the cheaper teabag teas, it appears to be made out of fannings and small tea particles rather than larger pieces of leaves.

I tend to like green Darjeeling teas--they can often very bold and complex--but this one falls far short of my expectation for even a basic green teabag tea. The brewed tea is a dark amber color and the aroma overall is weak. I would say the aroma is of cardboard with a hint of fishiness. Quite bitter and sharp, a bit sour, but with no mellowness and no complexity. Like a very bad sencha. This is hardly better than lipton green tea, and is more expensive. While I generally like Equal Exchange's products, including their coffee and chocolate, and I like supporting fair trade, I would not recommend this one.


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