China Pu-Erh Leaf

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From Upton Tea

This is the most inexpensive loose Pu-erh tea offered by Upton. It has fine, curled leaves that do not unfurl much upon being brewed.

The brewed tea is dark brown, a bit darker than some black teas, but not as opaque as some Pu-erhs. The aroma is mostly earthy with a hint of dustiness. This tea comes across as a bit warmer and richer than some Pu-erhs that I've had. It is fairly bold in aroma, but has no bitterness, sourness, or astringency. There's almost a faint hint of sweetness.

I recommend brewing this one either as instructed, or for a longer time. You can use more leaves if you desire something stronger: there are no objectionable qualities to keep you from doing so, but I think this tea is fine as-is.

Great value. Perhaps I'm not a connoisseur of Pu-erhs, but I'm not convinced it's worth paying for the more expensive ones, and I'd be more than happy to drink this one.

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