Green Tea Tropical (teabag)

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From Mighty Leaf Tea

This is a decent, if somewhat unremarkable green tea, mixed with flower petals, pineapple bits, and the mysterious "natural tropical flavors" and "natural flavors". It seems to be marketed to people who "don't like tea". The type and grade of green tea is unspecified, and its origin is described as "China, Japan", so who knows where it's coming from?

It is not bitter at all, and the fruitiness outweighs any sort of tea aroma. I still enjoy it, however. It's well-executed for what it is. I've had far worse green teas.

This tea is very expensive, especially as a teabag tea goes. I do not think it really is worth it for the quality. For the same price as 15 teabags, you can order about 3-4 times as much tea of a very high grade from any number of sources.

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