Makaibari Estate Long Leaf Green Organic Fair Trade (TD37)

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From Upton Tea

This is a whole-leaf green tea from the Darjeeling district that happens to be both organic and fair trade certified. The leaves are large and a dull, dark green color.

I found this tea to be extremely flavorful and complex. There are so many different aspects of the aroma that it is difficult to describe: dark, planty tones, rich grassy tones similar to a good lung ching / dragonwell tea, and a hint of skunkiness. The aroma and flavor are both both and sharp, but without being biting. It tastes almost like you've added honey to it--like some of the more delicate Taiwanese teas--but it has a very robust character unlike these teas. I would say this is among the best of green teas that I've sampled and is also quite unique and distinguished.

The price is quite reasonable for a whole-leaf green tea, especially given the organic and fair trade certification. I would recommend it very highly: in my opinion it is among the best green teas I've sampled, and yet it is quite affordable.

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